Company History

Formerly a cooperative savings company in Taichung permitted to establish in April 1953, the predecessor of Taichung Bank started its operation in savings and loans in August 1st of the same year. The scope of business then covered Taichung City, Taichung County, Chang Hwa County and Nantou County. In compliance with the amendments to Banking Act and business development needs, the Bank successfully transformed into "Taichung Small and Medium Business Bank" in 1978.On May 15, 1984, the Bank went public and expanded its scale of operations, and has successfully been listed on the centralized market. These Earnings Per Share have helped to lay down a solid foundation of the Bank in subsequent development. In September 1995, the Taipei Branch started operating and stepped out of the threshold for restricted regional business.

With the efforts from all staff, the Bank's business grew rapidly. It was reformed as "Taichung Commercial Bank" on December 9, 1998, and became one of the national commercial banks. In March 2007, the Bank increased capital from issuance of new common shares in the amount of NTD5 billion upon capital reduction of NTD7.33 billion and successfully improved the financial condition, and also became the first local small-and-medium-size bank succeeding in raising funds. It is the breaking point for the Bank's operation. In order to establish its corporate identity and highlight the local culture, the Bank was renamed from "Taichung (in regular Chinese characters) Commercial Bank " to "Taichung (in simplified Chinese characters) Commercial Bank" in June 2007, a.k.a "Taichung Bank", and also replaced all signboards at its business entities with those depicting new characters to build its brand new corporate identity.

Until the end of 2019, the Bank has increased its capital from NTD500,000 to NTD 37.088 billion and the operation bases have also been expanded from 5 branches initially to 83 branches worldwide and 1 OBU. The business lines and operations upon the expansion have grown by multiples of those charged by the cooperative savings company at the very beginning.